There is indeed a great mystery hidden in the human hand. The same hand that we use each and every day for all kinds of tasks ... our hand, that is so familiar, yet we still have a lot to learn about it. Underneath its apparent simplicity our hand is a perfect form and shape that at the same time reflects and coordinates with the world around us.

The human hand varies considerably from the limbs of other mammals. It serves the purpose of holding combined with power and precision, while at the same time it is the primary organ related to our sense of touch. It is one of the greatest means of human expression, often times replacing even speech.

There is no doubt that the inconceivable evolution and differentiation of the human hand from the limbs of other species was a result of the cooperation between our brain and our upper limb. What our mind conceives, our hand actualises. It serves our daily functions and needs, it helps us eat, dress, write, work, create art. But most important, the hand assists us in realising the world around us, it makes us feel.

A hand surgeon has been specially trained in order to be able to diagnose and most importantly provide treatment to a variety of problems that are related to our wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder and a variety of tissues and organs in our hand. Both Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery demand further training and specialisation than the basic Orthopaedic Surgery.



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