fingertip injury2 Injury of the fingertip is the most common injury of the hand and fingertip amputation is the most common amputation in the upper extremity.

The pulp of the fingertip is that part of the finger with the richest vasculature and the highest density of nerve ends.

Management of these injuries is controversial. Opinions vary from the simplest conservative treatment to the most sophisticated microsurgical reconstruction techniques, using various types of flaps.


Overall, surgery in the hand should aim at preservation of

  • adequate and functional length of the digits,
  • immediate coverage of the wound,
  • preservation of sensibility at the distal pulp,
  • adequate distal interphalangeal joint motion,
  • a painless scar,
  • short hospital stay and morbidity and
  • early return to work and other daily activities.

fingertip injury

There is a very good experience in our Clinic regarding these common injuries. In most cases we use Foucher’s technique to manage digital pulp amputations. Surgery is performed under regional anaesthesia and the patient returns home next day.

fingertip injury1

* Patient consent was obtained for publication of figures