Carpometacarpal joint arthritis is formed between the base of the first metacarpal and the trapezium - one of the wrist bones.

Basic joint arthritis causes unbearable pain, swelling and decrease in movement and strength. It even prevents the execution of some basic daily actions, like opening a jar or turning a door handle.


  • pain in the base of the thumb
  • swelling, inflexibility and sensibility in the base of the thumb
  • reduced grasping ability
  • reduced range of thumb movements


Although multiple pathological problems can cause arthritis, the three most common categories related to the basic thumb joint are:

  • osteoarthritis  
  • rheumatoid arthritis 
  • post traumatic arthritis (usually occurs after suffering a fracture to the related joint)


Aims to:
  • reduce the pain
  • maintain or improve in the joint mobility
  • minimize the disability

In cases of arthritis with mild symptoms the treatment is usually conservative and involves inflammatory medicine, immobilization with specific orthopaedic braces and training of the patient in ways to reduce the symptoms and protect the joint.

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Operative treatment is addressed to more severe cases and comprises

  • removal of the trapezium (the damaged wrist bone)
  • removal of trapezium with arthroplasty of the joint
  • osteotomy of the metacarpal or
  • arthrodesis of the basal joint (fusion)

Our patients says...

I feel the need to say in public a very big thanks to the man first of all, and doctor Antonis Vassiliadis !! He managed a damaged hand with the ulnar nerve completely cut, with a terrible general injury to make it fully functional.

Doctor, thank you !! God bless you.
(I would put some photos, before and after, but I do not know if it is right. However, there are and are available to anyone interested in the miracle of the doctor !!)

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The best orthopedic hand limb in the country! It has saved me personally and many friends I sent them! Thank you for being there, Mr. Vassiliadis!

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